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ADC (Antibody-Drug Conjugate) drugs are derived from the concept of "magic bullets", first proposed by Paul Ehrlich in 1913, in which cytotoxic drugs are linked to antibodies that target specific targets to form complexes. By combining the advantages of antibody drugs and small molecule drugs, ADC drugs can precisely deliver cytotoxic drugs to tumor cells.


The ideal ADC drugs must remain stable in the blood circulation, precisely reach the therapeutic target, bind specifically to the target, and release cytotoxic payloads. Therefore, specific targets, high affinity for tumor binding, optimized conjugating method, and improved drug stability in blood are the keys to specifically kill tumor cells.

Based on the glycosylation of antibody CH2 domain, we have developed a glycan-specific conjugation technology with independent intellectual property rights, using a one-enzyme two-step method, which is simpler and the cost is lower. Based on this platform, our ADC products are equipped with highly uniform DAR, better serum stability and fewer side effects.


JSKN003 is an anti-HER2 bispecific antibody-drug conjugate (ADC), which is developed inhouse with proprietary glycan-specific conjugation platform. Compared with other ADC drugs, JSKN003 induce faster and more intense endocytosis, which leads to stronger bystander effects in HER2-expressing tumors. Meanwhile the better serum stability ensures much wider therapeutic window.