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Nanping Xu, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Visited Alphamab Oncology

December 31, 2019 21:00 Eastern Daylight Time

On December 30, 2019, Mr. Nanping Xu, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, visited Alphamab Oncology.

During the visit, Vice Minister Xu inquired about Alphamab Oncology's development status, R&D capabilities and post-IPO commercialization strategy. After in-depth understanding of Alphamab Oncology's innovation and development history, he expressed his appreciation of the company's independent R&D capabilities and competitive advantage from its highly differentiated products.

Dr. Ting Xu, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Alphamab Oncology, reported to Vice Minister Xu and his delegation the details of Alphamab Oncology's development history, R&D and product pipeline.

After more than ten years of development, Alphamab Oncology has established innovative biologics platforms which covers entire biopharmaceutical value chain , built a professional R&D team led by top returnee scientists, and executed global intellectual property and clinical development strategy. In particular, the development of KN046, KN026 bispecific antibodies and the innovative subcutaneous injectable KN035 have laid a solid foundation to potentially make cancer a controllable and curable disease. Alphamab Oncology have received global international capital market recognition and successfully listed in Hong Kong on December 12, 2019. It is an important milestone for Alphamab Oncology which aspires to become a global innovative biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of innovative cancer medicine.

Accompanying members of this visit include Xianhua Bao, Director of Department of Research Commercialization and Regional Innovation; Ming Chang, Director of the Comprehensive Department; Baoguo Tian, Deputy Director of Department of Science and Technology for Social Development; Zhaofeng Zhang, Director of Department of Biology and Medicine; Jingdun Jia, Director of Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Dawei Zhao, Associate Researcher of Comprehensive Planning Department; Qin Wang, Director of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Department; Bing Xia, Deputy Director of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Department; Chunyun Lu, Vice Mayor of Suzhou City; Dongchi Zhang, Director of Science and Technology Bureau; Director Lixin Ding and Deputy Director Qian Ni of Suzhou Industrial Park.

About Alphamab Oncology (Stock code: 9966.HK)

Alphamab Oncology is a leading clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company in China with fully integrated proprietary biologics platform in bi-specifics and protein engineering. Its highly differentiated in-house pipeline consists of eight anti-cancer drug candidates, four of which have advanced into clinical development phase. With multiple in-house proprietary platforms for innovative biopharmaceuticals, Alphamab Oncology has built a robust pipeline in oncology / immunology to benefit cancer patients around the world.

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