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Dr. Ting Xu Presides over Scientist Forum; Alphamab Oncology Appears at the 11th China Pharmaceutical Conference for Entrepreneurs, Scientists and Investors

October 23, 2019 16:00 Eastern Daylight Time

On October 8-10, 2019, the 11th China Pharmaceutical Conference for Entrepreneurs, Scientists and Investors and Achievements Exhibition of Pharmaceutical Industry Development in 70th Anniversary of the Founding of China were held in Beijing. The conference was sponsored by China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association and China Medicinal Biotechnology Association, and organized by E-Pharma Manager and Chinese Medical and Health Industry Investment Member 50 (H50). Thousands of industry participants attend the conference, including Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, leaders of the Central Committee of the Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party, leaders of government departments, and top scholars, entrepreneurs and investors from the pharmaceutical industry.

Alphamab Oncology was invited to the conference, and Dr. Ting Xu, the Founder, Chairman and CEO of the company, was invited to preside over the Scientist Forum. Dr. Xu shared his experience and insights on Chinese pharmaceutical innovation and industry transformation and upgrading.

Dr. Ting Xu mentioned that the ten years of implementing “Key New Drug Creation and Manufacturing Program” was exactly the ten years when Alphamab Oncology was founded and was developing rapidly. During this period, many innovative pharmaceutical companies benefited from the policy of “Key New Drug Creation and Manufacturing Program”, and many scientists jointly promoted the development of Chinese pharmaceutical industry. At present, China's innovative drugs have gradually won global recognition, and China has become the world's second largest pharmaceutical market. However, China is in the critical period of upgrading from a large pharmaceutical market to a power in the global pharmaceutical industry. Innovation is the keyword for Chinese pharmaceutical industry and the only way for China to become a power in the global pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Ting Xu said that in recent years, national policies had been reforming and drug review and approval process had been evolving. All of these are placing emphasis on innovation and globalization. However, in China, there are still few first-in-class drugs with global influence. Independent innovation is a realistic problem that needs to be solved regarding China’s drug research and development. It is expected that Chinese pharmaceutical companies will accelerate the pace of developing innovative drugs, strive to introduce a large number of brand new drugs to the market in the coming three to five years, improve drug accessibility and patients’ quality of life, and help improve the level of Chinese pharmaceutical industry.

At the conference, a ranking list of Top 100 Innovative Pharmaceutical Enterprises in China was released. The ranking list was produced after evaluating companies in three dimensions of innovation foundation, innovation process and innovation results, specifically, with four indicators including the number of patents granted, the total number of patent citations, the number of clinical trials and the number of innovative products that have been approved and marketed. It represents the major force of China's pharmaceutical innovation capability and industrial competitiveness. Alphamab Oncology is among them.

For a long time, Alphamab Oncology has been committed to meeting the demands of patients and striving to develop innovative biological drugs for cancer treatment. Under the leadership of Dr. Ting Xu, the company has developed the world-class proprietary technology platform CRIB and CRAM, and developed several drug candidates for broad indications including multiple solid tumors, rheumatoid arthritis, and rejection after kidney transplantation.

At the subsequent session of Clinical Research Progress Release of Top 100 Innovative Pharmaceutical Enterprises in China, Alphamab Oncology released the clinical data of KN046, a next-generation immuno-oncology drug. Professor Li Zhang from Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center presented the clinical results, which showed a profile of good safety and promising efficacy in patients with advanced solid tumor.

In the 70 years after founding of China, the pharmaceutical industry has come a long way. It starts from foundation with insufficient medical care infrastructure to becoming the world's second largest pharmaceutical market. This conference provides a good opportunity for China's innovative pharmaceutical companies, represented by Alphamab Oncology, to demonstrate the major achievements of its pharmaceutical industry in the past 70 years in various forms including clinical data release. Alphamab Oncology will be confident and committed to continue developing innovative drugs. It will focus on quality, continuously improving its core competitiveness, and contributing to accelerating the development of Chinese pharmaceutical industry with higher standard and better quality.